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Do I need a licence for my property to Sub-Let?

You need to check with your mortgage lender if you are still paying for a mortgage, some mortgage is subjected to no sub-let. Otherwise, you do not need a licence for sub-let.

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What is HMOs

It sands for House in Multiple Occupation where the property is occupied by three or more people who are not related and share facilities. Nationally any HMO occupied by 5 or more occupations must obtain licence from their Local Authority, and each Borough has a slightly different rule that you must check with your borough where your property is.

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How long can you do Guaranteed rent for me?

We are looking at minimum of 3 years of contract, however, you can talk to us what is your vision and we are happy to co-operate with you.

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How soon can you pay my rent?

We will pay you rent soon your property is ready to rent out for tenants.  For instance, it is in a good condition and HMO certificate is up to be operated.

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Why should I work with you?

By working with us, you can expect a reliable, professional tenant, who has a perfect rental history and a highly experienced local team ensuring your property is kept to the highest standards, while you enjoy a consistent long term rental income from us, with absolutely no voids.

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Can I sell my property to you?

We offer you to Lease options or buy on your property depends on your circumstance and urgency. We can go through with your vision and need so both parties are satisfied with the decision.

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What will be happened to my property if damaged by the tenants?

We inspect all the houses we operate every month giving our landlord the peace of mind that their investment property is being checked up on and any issues caught early so they can be addressed. We send out professional cleaners to the house every 2 weeks to ensure all our houses stay in excellent condition. They also help us spot any maintenance issues early so we can get them resolved before they develop.

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Is it safe to invest my money with you?

HMO market is the most guaranteed tenants in the letting market as room demand is growing fast in our modern industry.

Therefore, Yes, 100%.

In fact, your invested capital will be the first priority in line to return to when the property that you are investing, is sold.

In addition to that, we operate  our business in written contract legally bounded and we will pay you much higher interest than banks, so why would you invest in banks?

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