Welcome to LK Direct Property Solutions Ltd - We Specialise Rooms to Rent to professional working people in London area and we are very much committed to  provide the highest level of service for both our Landlords and  Tenants.

The core of everything we do - guiding our behaviour and decisions all day, every day. Our integrity keeps us humble and always thinking about who is using our services.

We have the SYSTEM, works to integrate in every renting, buying or selling process.

Landlord, do you have a property?

Would you like to earn hassle-free CASH?

Guaranteed rent



Things Happen.

Tired Landlord, no more hassles to get tenants and managing them for your property. We can offer Guaranteed Rent in a long term basis whichever you like. 

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Let us work on your property with Sub-Let and in return, you no longer have to worry about whether your rent income is coming in or not.

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One more good news,

If you like to join a Joint-Venture with us, let us know too. If you like to join a Joint-Venture with us, let us know too. Investing your capitals in Properties is the safest way and we will offer you a higher rate of interest than banks, these will all be done in contracts. 

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